It’s been a long time ago since Dyluvian – one of the first melodic/progressive metal bands of Recife (Brazil) – started its career in 1997.

In 1999 Dyluvian entered the studio to release their first demo CD. This caught the attention of São Paulo´s label Megahard Records. Contract was signed, the band immediately started recording.

However started facing many obstacles, the most serious of them was Daniel Barkokebas´ (drummer) bicycle accident, resulting in serious speech and movement limitations persisting till today.

Such and other hurdles have delayed the launch of the group’s debut – “The fall of the house of Usher” – till the year of 2003.

Their persistance was rewarded by the press and the fans with great reviews of their debut. Distributed worldwide,  the album “The Fall of the House of Usher” scored as the 5th biggest selling album in Japan within the first month of its launch. A great milestone for the band that had just started in the music industry and without any major label support.

Time passed as the band revamped its lineup and participated in important local festivals.  But eventually the group split up for diverse reasons; guitarist Gustavo Aragon emigrated to Canada, bassist Dario Moran to the United States, and singer Sergio Gaia moved to São Paulo, Brazil.

However, the sense of what the Dyluvian still could accomplish has never disappeared completely. Over the past three years Gustavo Aragao, Sergio Gaia and Dario Moran have been composing again despite the physical distance between them.

From few personal meetings and mainly with the help of online collaboration technology, Dyluvian is creating new songs for its upcoming second album “A great time from here”. The new album is expected to hit online stores on October 11, 2011.

With guests on drums, keyboards and bass, Dyluvian is finilizing the mix to what is to be a quantum improvement over their debut back in 2003. Much closer to progressive metal than to melodic power metal, the band’s new material opts for a direct path to a wider audience.

Heavy, powerful, modern and melodious – Dyluvian is back.

Let’s have a great time from here!

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